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What is a STEAM Lab?

Alvarado's STEAM Program helps students develop vital Next Generation skills in a hands-on lab environment. Students learn to problem-solve and work collaboratively by completing design-thinking challenges. Key components include: Coding, Robotics, Engineering, and Making.

Our STEAM Lab gives students the opportunity to experience Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math in a variety of hands-on discovery stations.

The covid pandemic has changed the look and feel of our STEAM Lab, but we continue to learn and explore together! Students regularly participate in hands-on learning activities as well as Engineering Design Challenges.

Students also continue to work in small groups to complete design-thinking tasks usingBee-Bots, Dash and Dot, Osmo, Legos and Building blocks, Coding & Media tools, Microscopes, Music, and a Makerspace.

It's a growth-mindset discovery center where we solve problems through trial and error.