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Welcome to the Alvarado School Library

My name is Alison O'Leary and I have been a part of the Alvarado community for almost 20 years - first as a parent, then as a teacher and, for the past 7 years, as your librarian. I love my job!

Parents are welcome to checkout books!

I invite all parents to become active users of the Alvarado Library. Stop by and I will make you a check out card and you can begin to check out books right away! It is a great way to get to know your school while having easy access to great books to read with your families at home. 

Library Expectations

I expect the students to come to the library ready to learn! Our library is very active and there is much to do and learn - the library is much more than simply a place to get a book and students must be ready to learn as soon as they walk in the door!

Lots of changes are happening in our library this year, including a switch to a different organizational system. Stop by and see what is happening!

Welcome to the Library!

General Information You Might Like to Know:

Library Time: Classes come to the library 1 time per week for a 45 minute library class - but students are welcome in the library at any time to return and check out books!

Book Check-Outs: Grades K-1 are allowed to check out 1 book at a time.

Grades 2-4 are allowed to check out 2 books at a  time.

Grade 5 is allowed to check out 3 books at a time. The extra book for 5th grade is to make sure students have materials for classroom related projects.

If a student has a good check-out/check-in record I often allow them to borrow extra books.

OVERDUE BOOKS - No one likes to talk about them but if a student has a book that is more than 3 months overdue the student will not be allowed to check out a book until the overdue book is returned, paid for or I am contacted by a parent or guardian letting me know they are looking for the book. I need to know that an adult knows about the book!

I use fines that are collected for lost books are used to purchase replacement books for the library.

Book Fairs: 2 times a year Alvarado hosts a Scholastic Book Fair - once in the fall and again in the spring. These are a big event at Alvarado and always a lot of fun. We will usually host a fun Title One Family Night that includes dinner and activities related to the book fair theme. A good time is had by all!

Free Book Distributions: Two times per year we give each student a free brand new book of their choice! No strings attached - it is theirs to keep. We want all students to have their own personal reading libraries and we like to help make that happen.

Volunteers: We love to have volunteers in the library. There are lots of valuable things to help with. Volunteers can help with shelving books, straightening shelves, pulling books for teachers, students and special occasions, discarding books, labeling books, collating student papers, helping with the Book Explorers Reading Club, and the list goes on. You can volunteer on a regular basis or be a much more casual volunteer - whatever time you have to give, we will appreciate it in the library!

Academic Standards in the Library

When designing library lessons for your students I rely on the National Librarian/Media Teacher standards formulated by the American Association of School Librarians and the Common Core State Standards. I teach the students how to use the library effectively using current technology, how to choose books that are a good fit for reading, how to conduct research, take notes, look at information with a critical eye as well as introduce them to new and interesting fiction and non fiction reading.